• The  'Demystifying Mindfulness' panel discussion was conducted at the very well attended Sanskriti 2017 Book Fair and Lit Fest 

    The panel was moderated by Prithvi Raj Banerjee, author of the book Unbox! and founder of MindGym Initiative, with distinguished speakers:

    Dr. Gary Weber is the author of several books including Happiness Beyond Thought & Dancing Beyond Thought. He is research subject & collaborator in meditation/cognitive neuroscience studies at Yale, NYU, IONS among others. Gary has shared his wisdom about stillness with the world through his teachings and talks via several forums including Science & Non Duality Conference, Conscious TV and Buddha at the Gas Pump.

    Adam Engle initiated and developed the Mind and Life Dialogues between the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet and panels of prominent scientists in the 1980s. Over the 22 years as chief executive of the Mind and Life Institute, which he co-founded with Dalai Lama, his work contributed significantly to the establishment of contemplative science as a new field of research.In 2012 Adam Initiated an International Symposium on Contemplative Studies in Denver Colorado, with 700 representatives from research bodies in attendance.

    Kevin Martin, author of the book Perceive This!, is a speaker, master hypnotist and NLP master practitioner. Kevin has mentored and coached individuals and groups, helping them achieve their goals in both personal and professional lives. He has been delivering workshops in hypnosis and NLP in the Boston Area for over 10 years.

    Sol Sandperl's study of Zen has included time spent in a Zen monastery in Japan. He also lived at the Providence Zen Center for a number of years under the tutelage of Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn. He is a long time devotee of Ramana Maharishi and has been to his ashram in India several times. He has found himself drawn to the practice of self inquiry a practice about which he will talk about in the session.

    Venue : Parker Damon building, 11 Charter Rd, Acton MA 
    Date: 10th June 2017 (Sat.)
    Time: 3:30 PM

    Those who could make it to the event - Thanks for attending! For those who could not, we will be posting videos of the talk soon.

    Here are some pictures from the event.


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