• Events & Workshops

  • MindGym talks and workshops are currently offered in the Greater Boston Area. These events are free and are conducted in community centers. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes for the sessions. 

    There are two key events that are conducted:

    Are You Unboxed?: This is an introductory talk that explains the root cause of fragmented attention and what can be done about it. The talks also introduce  The session introduces MindGym exercises that help us see how we can 'use our thoughts as tool' instead of becoming a 'tool controlled by our thoughts.The event also includes a guided session through some of the key mindfulness exercises.

    Unboxed Nation: This is a fun-filled workshop for those who have been Mind-Gymming - or practicing the mind-exercises outlined in the book Unbox!. 

    Unboxed Nation uses these techniques to create 'mind-exercises' that help us improve our attention. The exercises used in the workshop are contemporary translations of some the most effective mindfulness techniques across ages. The workshop uses modern metaphors & humorous illustrations that most of us, especially the young exercisers, will find appealing. Furthermore it demystifies these techniques by exploring the logic behind these 'mind-exercises.' 

    We welcome young future leaders to learn the concept of mindfulness with a uniquely experiential approach that will enable you to understand the incredible importance of and  appreciate the marvelous lightness/ freedom of mindful thinking.  These games incorporate commercial EEG headsets provided by MindGym in the workshops. The MindGymmers play these games to experientially learn about the zone of attention, distraction and mindfulness. 

    Please contact us to register for the upcoming events