• Unboxed Nation is our fun-filled workshop that features exciting brainwave-based games open for MindGymmers ten years and older.

    In the modern age of fragmented attention that feeds off fifteen-second news cycles, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter alerts, we are trying our best to focus our attention and handle our ever increasing mental chatter. However, most of us struggle, because we were never taught how to. 

    Fragmentation of attention started thousands of years ago. Even folks living in those ancient ages, surrounded by the unpredictability of life felt that their attention was restless. However, those folks had the time and patience to devise cool techniques to solve this problem. Thankfully many of these techniques are as applicable today as they were then.

    Unboxed Nation uses these techniques to create 'mind-exercises' that help us improve our attention. The exercises used in the workshop are contemporary translations of some the most effective mindfulness techniques across ages. The workshop uses modern metaphors & humorous illustrations that most of us, especially the young exercisers, will find appealing. Furthermore it demystifies these techniques by exploring the logic behind these 'mind-exercises.' 

    We welcome young future leaders to learn the concept of mindfulness with a uniquely experiential approach that will enable you to understand the incredible importance of and  appreciate the marvelous lightness/ freedom of mindful thinking.  
    These games incorporate commercial EEG headsets provided by MindGym in the workshops. The MindGymmers play these games to experientially learn about the zone of attention, distraction and mindfulness. 

    From moving a ball using thoughts to friendly face-offs to tease your ability to stay calm and push you to focus- the games in the workshops are handpicked by experienced meditators with day jobs as seasoned professionals.
    Intrigued/ impressed ? Well, there is more ...

    No two individuals have the exactly the same way of thinking. To help you identify your own unique pattern, we have developed an innovative application that we call Thought'O'Meter. The Thought 'O' Meter runs you through a series of tasks and identifies your profile of thinking. 
    So what do these profiles look like? Broadly speaking, these profiles are based on our ability to handle distracting thoughts. Our coaches then adapt the mind-exercises based on the individual thought profile in order to optimize the thought process. The participants can then perform the tailored routines and can start seeing the changes on their own as they continue to Unbox!

    The workshop is conducted by Prithvi Raj Banerjee, author of the book Unbox! and co-founder of MindGym Initiative, a nonprofit focused on creating awareness about mindful thinking among the younger generation. 

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