• We had MindGym's 2 week long Camps at the Academy of Creative arts, Burlington, MA

  • MindGym Camp



    It was a pleasure to share secrets of mindfulness with the lovely bunch of kids! They throughly enjoyed playing the EEG headset based games to build focus and relaxation.


  • Over the camps, we gathered scores for these games everyday and also profiled them at the start of the session and at the end. We also did some math and memory tests at the start and end of the program to assess the impact of the 'mind training' on real life results.

    Typical observation of these tests were that kids generally have good focus - they are smart kids! Some kids showed even better improvement with focus after playing focus building games and practicing techniques.

    What we found out that they needed coaching to relax at will, their minds continued to chatter as per our EEG based application that is a 'stethoscope of  thought activity'. 

    Great news is that in their final profile, kids showed improvement in being able to silence their minds and relax at will. If practiced regularly, this will keep them in solidifying these gains. Getting better and higher ability to resist distraction means focus will improve automatically.