• Thanks to all the friends of MindGym for this well attended event where we explored how we can 'use our thoughts as tool' instead of becoming a 'tool controlled by our thoughts.'  Special thanks to our speaker Kevin Martin.
    In the modern age of fragmented attention that feeds off fifteen-second news cycles, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter alerts, we are all trying our best to focus our attention. However, most of us cannot because we were never taught how to.
    We have been asked to pay attention all the time, but very few of us were shown how we could improve ours.
    It all started thousands of years ago when folks had the time and patience to devise cool techniques to make attention unfragmented. Thankfully many of these techniques are as applicable today as they were then.
    This event was an introduction to 'Unbox!' a practical approach that stays away from philosophical and metaphysical narratives about mindfulness and focuses on how to deal with distracting thoughts that fragment our attention. The workshop after the talk will include mind-exercises' to help us improve our attention as we build the skill of Mindful Thinking leading to more efficient and impactful actions. 
    The exercises used in Unbox! are contemporary translations of some the most effective mindfulness techniques across ages. The book uses modern metaphors & humorous illustrations that readers, will find appealing. It also demystifies these techniques and explores the logic behind the exercises.
    About MindGym
    MindGym, a nonprofit initiative, which is focused on creating awareness about Mindful thinking amongst the younger generation. It uses a contemporary narrative to demystify mindfulness practices using mobile games and brainwave-based biofeedback. 
    About the Author of Unbox!
    Prithvi Raj Banerjee is a Boston-based technologist, writer and mindfulness coach who spent many years experimenting with mindful thinking. He was lucky enough to be guided by masters from great mindfulness traditions in his effort.    
    He was also guided by a different set of masters at MIT where he specialized in systems thinking - an approach that uses the 'big picture' view to solving complex real-world problems.
    'Unbox!' incorporates learnings from the inner and outer worlds, the spiritual and the scientific, with an independent perspective based on author’s personal experiences.
    Chelmsford Main Library
    McCarthy Meeting Room
    2:00-4:00 PM
    Thanks for attending! Here are some pictures from the event.
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